Chapter 1.6 (Naomi)

Chapter 1.6 (By Naomi)

“Chelsea, please!” Edgar implored. They had both nestled into Edgar’s favorite chair, favoring the worn tweed to the slippery leather sofa.

“Wha? Wha’d I do?” Chelsea looked around the room absently.

“Your tongue!” Edgar felt helpless trying to train this ridiculous creature.

With a flash of sterile fluorescent light, the door leading to “the back” swung open. Dr. Glyndor’s silhouette filled the doorway. She slowly approached Edgar and Chelsea, taking care not to alarm them. She carried the usual metal tray filled with pointy needles and small shiny glass vials filled with foul liquids. Edgar bristled at the sight of her. Although she gave him grief, Chelsea was still his ward.

“Chel-sea!” Sang Dr. Glyndor. “Time for your meds!”

At that very moment, a clicking noise caught the attention of all three. Edgar’s birds! The teeny tiny one was pecking at the glass of the window.

Before Edgar could stop her, Chelsea was on the table, deftly turned the lock and slid open the window. She stuck her arm outside and scooped all three birds into the room and closed the window, locking it with a click.

The little brown birds flitted nervously around the room as Edgar’s and Dr. Glyndor’s jaws silently fell open.


Chapter 1.5 (Grace)


Chapter 1.5 (by Grace)

Eric shook himself in disgust. Horatio thought he was brave, but Tiny wasn’t afraid of anything. This did not bode well. He turned to Horatio.”Don’t just sit there with your beak open like food is gonna come to you! We have to catch up to her before she does something dumb and goes into the box!”

Eric pushed Horatio off the branch and took off after Tiny. Horatio took off after Eric.

When the boys caught up to Tiny, she was hopping back and forth on the ledge, pecking at the glass. They could hear her calling for the face.

“Hello? Big Face? Are you there? Hello? Are you okay?”

Horatio and Eric landed on the ledge by Tiny. They were both really nervous and kept fluttering up high trying to see, and also in case they needed to get away quickly. Eric narrowed his eyes.

“Hey! I think I see something in the back where the light is…” he trailed off, “…um, guys? What is that?!”

Tiny and Horatio flitted up to where Eric was to see what he was looking at in the back of the room.

Chapter 1.4 (Naomi)


Chapter 1.4 (By Naomi)

Chelsea scrambled clumsily onto the end table with Edgar. While he pretended not to notice, she reared back before pouncing on his head. While she engaged in a one-sided wrestling match with his shoulders, Edgar watched helplessly as the birds fluttered away.

Edgar sighed heavily and resolved to stay calm. His flickering tail was the only thing betraying his slight annoyance.

Finally Chelsea gave up and slumped down into a lounging position. She gazed up at him with a blank expression. Edgar averted his gaze. She was just so undignified. All of these new hybrids were.

Unlike Edgar, Chelsea had never known life outside of this home. She had only recently been released into the house section of the facility. She was created in “the back,” as Edgar thought of it. A result of designer gene modification, she was mostly feline like Edgar, but with just enough canine to cause minor frustrations in Edgar’s daily life.

For example, the utterly embarrassing pounce technique. He had worked with her for hours the day before on stealth philosophy and yet he could hear her moments before she appeared in his peripheral vision.

Edgar sighed heavily. Chelsea’s tongue lolled lazily out the side of her mouth.

There was so much work to do.

Chapter 1.3 (Grace)


Chapter 1.3 (by Grace)

“HORATIO!!” Eric and Tiny yelled in unison, “Stop!” They raced after their friend and nearly collided with him when they finally caught up to him.

Horatio was shaking and breathing rapidly. He felt like his heart was going to pound right out of his chest.

“Horatio,” Tiny asked, “what did you see that freaked you out so bad?”

Horatio got his breathing under control and finally said, “The giant box had a face trapped in the glass. And it seemed like it wanted to talk to me. Or well, communicate some how. But then out of nowhere, it was attacked!”

Eric’s beak dropped open in shock. “By what?”

“I don’t know, man. But all I could think was, ‘What if I’m next?'”

“But what about the face? In the glass? What did it look like?” Tiny demanded.

Horatio, exasperated, whined, “I don’t know! It all happened so fa- Tiny! Where are you going?!”

“I want to get a look at the face!”

Chapter 1.2 (Naomi)


Chapter 1.2 (by Naomi)

Subconsciously holding his breath, Edgar eased from his chair to the end table. He wanted a more clear view of the brown birds. The rain seemed to to be easing up, and one of his would-be friends seemed to be venturing towards the window.¬†Sitting very still on the table under the window, nothing moved except Edgar’s eyes.

The little ball of soft-looking feathers didn’t seem to realize he was there, so Edgar allowed himself to relax a little. A small circle of fog expanded and retracted on the window where Edgar’s pink nose just barely touched the glass.

Seemingly without realizing, the tiny bird hopped closer and closer to Edgar’s enclosed perch. “This is my chance!” thought Edgar. Finally he would make contact with the outside world.

Suddenly in a clatter of tractionless claws on hardwood, Chelsea made her typical entrance of concentration-shattering racket. She most definitely did not count as the outside world. “Harrumph,” thought Edgar.


Chapter 1.1 (Grace)


Chapter 1.1 (by Grace)

Horatio and his friends flitted and hopped around the grass and concrete looking for tasty morsels and complaining about the water falling out of the sky.

“I already took a bath this week!” complained Eric, “I wish I had known it was going to be a water day today. I would have waited!”

Tiny shook herself in disgust. “Eric, you should bathe more than once a week! I was wondering what that smell was.”

While his friends bantered back and forth, Horatio tried to appear casual as he hopped closer and closer to the giant box the giant flightless birds kept going into and out of. He always felt like someone or something was watching them whenever they hung out near this particular box.

This was the closest he’d ever dared to come to the box when suddenly, he saw it. There was a face in the box! He gave a startled yell and took flight. His panic caught his friends off-guard and they took off after him.

“Horatio! Horatio! Wait up!”

But he was too scared to stop.

Chapter 1 (Naomi)



Chapter 1 (by Naomi)

Edgar sat pensively in his favorite chair, watching the rain fall through the window. It had been two years since he had set foot outside. Every day he evaluated the goings on of the neighborhood, or at least that which he could see through the windows of his house. He especially enjoyed watching the small brown birds that never seemed to walk. Perhaps their legs were too tiny – they just hopped about until ready to flutter away. These little birds made him smile, but at the same time made the hairs stand up on the back of his neck.

To be continued…