Having recently rediscovered her love of putting pen to paper thanks to discovering fountain pens, Grace decided to start writing her sister, Naomi, letters. Through old fashioned correspondence, they decided to co-author stories, one letter at a time, and then share them with the internet.

WARNING: There is no lifeguard on duty. Read at your own risk.

Grace is the older, wiser sister. She loves to collect yarn, fountain pens, ink, photographs, books, and stationary. She is managed by a pair of cats and has 2 loyal canine subjects who dote on her – especially when there is food involved. She also shares her home with 2 humans – a husband and a teenager.

Naomi is the much, much younger (by 18 months) sister. She’s an enthusiastic student and teacher of ballet, and sometimes designer and creator of dance clothes. She is an occasional freelancer of graphic design, and also has a less interesting day job. She lives with 3 cats, but one cat is a human and doubles as a husband.

Our tagline, “I already read that on your blog” is something Naomi would often say to Grace when they would talk on the phone, or in person, and Grace would regale Naomi with things she had, indeed, already written on her (now defunct) blog and that Naomi had actually read. In typical sisterly fashion, this became a response when one sister repeated something to the other sister more than once. We think it’s hysterical, and you should, too.