Chapter 1.4 (Naomi)


Chapter 1.4 (By Naomi)

Chelsea scrambled clumsily onto the end table with Edgar. While he pretended not to notice, she reared back before pouncing on his head. While she engaged in a one-sided wrestling match with his shoulders, Edgar watched helplessly as the birds fluttered away.

Edgar sighed heavily and resolved to stay calm. His flickering tail was the only thing betraying his slight annoyance.

Finally Chelsea gave up and slumped down into a lounging position. She gazed up at him with a blank expression. Edgar averted his gaze. She was just so undignified. All of these new hybrids were.

Unlike Edgar, Chelsea had never known life outside of this home. She had only recently been released into the house section of the facility. She was created in “the back,” as Edgar thought of it. A result of designer gene modification, she was mostly feline like Edgar, but with just enough canine to cause minor frustrations in Edgar’s daily life.

For example, the utterly embarrassing pounce technique. He had worked with her for hours the day before on stealth philosophy and yet he could hear her moments before she appeared in his peripheral vision.

Edgar sighed heavily. Chelsea’s tongue lolled lazily out the side of her mouth.

There was so much work to do.

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