Chapter 1.2 (Naomi)


Chapter 1.2 (by Naomi)

Subconsciously holding his breath, Edgar eased from his chair to the end table. He wanted a more clear view of the brown birds. The rain seemed to to be easing up, and one of his would-be friends seemed to be venturing towards the window. Sitting very still on the table under the window, nothing moved except Edgar’s eyes.

The little ball of soft-looking feathers didn’t seem to realize he was there, so Edgar allowed himself to relax a little. A small circle of fog expanded and retracted on the window where Edgar’s pink nose just barely touched the glass.

Seemingly without realizing, the tiny bird hopped closer and closer to Edgar’s enclosed perch. “This is my chance!” thought Edgar. Finally he would make contact with the outside world.

Suddenly in a clatter of tractionless claws on hardwood, Chelsea made her typical entrance of concentration-shattering racket. She most definitely did not count as the outside world. “Harrumph,” thought Edgar.


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