Chapter 1.1 (Grace)


Chapter 1.1 (by Grace)

Horatio and his friends flitted and hopped around the grass and concrete looking for tasty morsels and complaining about the water falling out of the sky.

“I already took a bath this week!” complained Eric, “I wish I had known it was going to be a water day today. I would have waited!”

Tiny shook herself in disgust. “Eric, you should bathe more than once a week! I was wondering what that smell was.”

While his friends bantered back and forth, Horatio tried to appear casual as he hopped closer and closer to the giant box the giant flightless birds kept going into and out of. He always felt like someone or something was watching them whenever they hung out near this particular box.

This was the closest he’d ever dared to come to the box when suddenly, he saw it. There was a face in the box! He gave a startled yell and took flight. His panic caught his friends off-guard and they took off after him.

“Horatio! Horatio! Wait up!”

But he was too scared to stop.

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